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AprilAmelia's Photography Workshop




1 Day

About the Course

April Amelia's private photography workshop in Honolulu offers a personalized, hands-on experience for photographers of all skill levels. Starting with a casual meet-and-greet, April tailors the session to the participant's goals, covering techniques from landscape photography to detailed close-ups. Outdoors, she demonstrates effective use of natural light and composition, providing instant feedback. The workshop concludes with a studio session on post-processing, where April shares her signature editing methods, ensuring participants leave with practical skills and enhanced photos.

Your Instructor

Experience the artistry of AprilAmelia, a world-renowned, award-winning photographer featured in Vogue, known for her exceptional creative direction and collaborations with top artists and brands. Located in Honolulu, AprilAmelia is offering her visionary photography services, capturing your moments with unparalleled creativity.

April A. Lawrence
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